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  1. Epson EB-L735U Installation Multimedia Laser Projector
  2. Epson EB-685W Ultra Short Throw Projector
  3. Epson 1470UID Laser Ultra Short Throw Wireless Interactive 3LCD Projector
  4. Epson 1480FI Full HD Laser Ultra Short Throw Interactive 3LCD Projector
  5. Epson EB735F Full HD Ultra Short Throw 3LCD Laser Projector
  6. Epson EBX51 3LCD Projector
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Projectors for education are specialised projectors that are designed to enhance the learning experience in classrooms and other educational settings. One of the key features of projectors for education is their ability to display high-resolution images and videos, which makes them ideal for showing charts, graphs, and other visual aids. Additionally, many educational series projectors now offer advanced features such as interactive touch screens, which allow for more engaging and interactive presentations. Some projectors also come with built-in annotation tools, which allows teachers to write, draw and highlight directly on the screen.

Many projectors for education now offer features such as split-screen and picture-in-picture, the ability to easily connect external devices wirelessly which allow teachers to display multiple sources of information at the same time.

Another benefit of using a projector for education is its ability to save space. A projector eliminates the need for multiple devices such as a whiteboard, TV, or computer, thus reducing the clutter and saving space. Projectors can be mounted or installed in various locations, making it easy to set up a classroom in any room of your school. Whether you're teaching math, science, or history, a projector can help you create a more engaging and memorable learning experience. Projectors for education also help to create a more interactive and engaging learning environment, which can lead to improved student engagement and better learning outcomes.

The selection of the correct projector can be complicated especially in an educational environment . Integrate AV's team of professional product experts are here to assist in the decision making and design of your learning centre or classroom. Contact us by Phone Support or if you prefer email us at Product Support and we can help find the right interactive panel for you or your business.

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