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  1. CommBox Interactive Classic 55" Display Version 3 front
  2. CommBox Interactive Classic 55" Display Version 3 Front
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Interactive smartboards are the future of presentations and meetings, providing a new level of collaboration and engagement. They are equipped with advanced technology that allows for touch, writing, and annotating capabilities, making it easy for participants to interact with the content and make the whole process more engaging. The interactive smartboards are highly responsive, providing an excellent user experience.

One of the key benefits of interactive smartboards is the ability to easily share and collaborate on content. Multiple users can interact with the board at the same time, making it a great tool for team meetings and presentations. This allows for a more efficient and productive work environment, as ideas and feedback can be shared and discussed in real-time. Furthermore, the ability to annotate and save content makes it easy for teams to keep track of important information and decisions, and also provides a record of the meeting or presentation. This feature also makes it easy to share the content with others who were not present in the meeting or presentation.

The selection of the correct interactive smartboard can be confusing. Integrate AV's team of professional product experts are here to assist in the decision making and design of your learning centre or workplace. Contact us by Phone Support or if you prefer email us at Product Support and we can help find the right interactive panel for you or your business.

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