Integrate AV currently supplies product to many Government, Education and Commercial clients.

If you run / operate / or are responsible for Audio Visual Equipment within your organisation, Integrate AV can assist you with advice, planning, supply, install, training and after sales service of commercial audio visual product(s).

To obtain a quotation from Integrate AV, you can apply online for a trade account, or call us on 1800 742 789 so that one of our expert Audio Visual Account Managers can provide you with the details and assistance required.

To register and apply for a trade account online:

  • Education - School, University and Educational Bodies and Institutions apply here.
  • Government - Local, State or Federal Government Departments apply here.
  • Commercial - Small Business, Corporate or Commercial Customers apply here.

Once your account is established and approved, you simply sign in, add your items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If you are ordering larger value orders or large quantities, you can submit and ask for a quotation in the checkout process.

All business accounts will be assigned an expert Audio Visual Account Manager who can assist you with planning, implementation, supply, install, and training of your audio visual solution.

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of Integrate AV quotations.

Quotation Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for Quotations where products and services are supplied by Integrate AV ABN 69 617 952 008 are set set out as follows:

  1. The Terms and Conditions of your quotation shall apply to the products and services listed in your quotation except where Integrate AV and the client are parties to a current written agreement which governs the sale and purchase. In this instance the conditions of this said Agreement will prevail.
  2. The quote is not binding on Integrate AV until the quote is accepted by the customer (either written or by placing an online order). The quote is valid up until midnight of the expiry date. Maintenance pricing is subject to a separate maintenance agreement.
  3. In the event the prevailing exchange rate between Australia and the currency of the country of origin has fluctuated from the time the quote is provided to the time of payment is received by the customer, Integrate AV reserves the right to adjust any prices quoted. The prevailing exchange rate at the time of the quote shall be the rate specified by ANZ Bank on that day of the quote.
  4. All products shall be paid by the customer including all applicable taxes, prior to delivery except where the customer has an agreed credit arrangement with Integrate AV. Where a credit arrangement exists, payment will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of such agreement.
  5. The ownership of the products shall remain the property of Integrate AV and shall only pass to the customer upon payment of the of the invoice in full.
  6. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified.
  7. Delivery of products shall take place at the time of the physical pickup of the products by the customer, or by the carrier whether engaged by Integrate AV or the customer or 21 days after Integrate AV notifies the customer the products are ready for delivery, whichever occurs first. Where the customer arranges their own carrier, all freight insurance costs and other costs associated with the carrier, shall be borne by the customer.
  8. Where an order is cancelled by the customer on or less than 5 working days prior to the order shipment date, the customer will be charged the entire amount of the order as a cancellation fee.
  9. Orders may only be rescheduled up to 14 days from the scheduled shipment date. Any rescheduling occurring less than 14 days from the scheduled shipment date will be subject to a rescheduling charge of 20% of the order value.
  10. The customer shall not return any product for credit, exchange or refund without the prior written consent of Integrate AV. If such return is approved, Integrate AV will issue a return authorisation.
  11. When a customer returns a product under an approved Integrate AV return authorisation a restocking fee will apply. The restocking fee is based on the value of the product returned. Where a product is returned to Integrate AV is less than $1000 ex GST the fee of $100 ex GST will apply plus the cost of any freight charges incurred by Integrate AV. If the value of the order is greater than $1000 ex GST the fee will be 10% of the value of the order plus the cost of any freight charges incurred by Integrate AV. Any products returned will only be accepted by Integrate AV if they are in original condition with original packaging including all accessories, manuals and cables. Where Integrate AV determines a returned product requires rectification or repair or is not as originally supplied including original packaging, Integrate AV is entitled to charge the customer the cost of returning the product to its original condition. Integrate AV reserves the right to cancel any issued return authorisation if the products are not returned in original condition. Where this quote includes services to be undertaken including installation of products an Integrate AV Scope of Works (SOW) must be signed prior to the commencement of the services. Acceptance of the quote by the customer does not affect or amend the terms and conditions of the SOW. Where any variation to the services is required by the customer a separate quote and an amendment of the SOW will be provided by Integrate AV for that variation. This variation must be agreed to and signed by the customer and returned to Integrate AV.
  12. Integrate AV does not manufacture any product and does not warrant any product. All products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Integrate AV will provide details of such warranty and the warranty period as may be provided by the manufacturer of any product in this quote.
  13. In no event Integrate AV will be held liable for damages of any nature arising out of or related to the supply, design, implementation or service.
  14. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales.

If you require any further information regarding a quotation or obtaining a quotation from Integrate AV, please contact us.

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