APT AV VideoBar VB460 120 Degree Ultra Wide Camera Black

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The VB460 is an all-in-one 4K UHD camera with an electric privacy cover, microphone array, and high fidelity speaker. This device offers advanced features such as face recognition, voice localization, voice tracking, and intelligent noise reduction. With automatic image size adjustment based on the number of participants, VB460 ensures optimal framing. It also has real-time speaker detection and close-up locking, allowing for hands-free operation. Additionally, the 6 MEMS microphone array, coupled with advanced 3A audio algorithm, provides exceptional full-duplex communication experience up to 6 meters, which can be further enhanced with cascadable expansion microphones.

  • Integrated Design: Includes 4K UHD camera, microphone array, high fidelity speaker, and electric privacy cover
  • Ultra HD: Equipped with a 0.8 M high-quality CMOS image sensor, capable of capturing 4K ultra HD images with excellent resolution and clarity
  • Distortion-less Wide Angle Lens: Features a 120° wide angle lens with no distortion, ensuring all participants are within the frame without the need for camera adjustment
  • Automatically Privacy Cover: Privacy cover automatically closes to ensure privacy security
  • Microphone Array: Built-in 6 array microphones track the speaker in real-time, breaking distance limitations to provide a virtual meeting experience
  • Built-in Speaker: Dual 10W high-quality studio speaker ensures clear audio for every participant
  • Audio Processing: Uses high-fidelity 48K audio sampling rate, lossless audio transmission technology, and supports AEC, AGC, and ANS processing to provide high-quality 6-meter full duplex calls
  • Auto Framing: Built-in face detection algorithm automatically detects participants and provides optimal framing
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Connects to mobile phones and other devices through Bluetooth for use as a speaker and microphone
  • Low Noise and High SNR: Low noise CMOS ensures ultra SNR image quality. Advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction technology further reduces noise while maintaining image clarity
  • Powerful Compatibility: Compatible with Windows7, Windows10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher systems, and applicable to major cloud-based video conference platforms.
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